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17 lb. Grub Control

17 lb. Grub Control
National Guard Grub Control is a hormone that induces the molting and metamorphosis process in insects. It is highly active against grubs and lepidopterist larvae listed as target pests and controls listed larvae through a novel mode-of-action that starts within hours of ingestion. Grub Control can be used to control white grub larvae such as: annual bluegrass weevil larvae, aphodius beetle, billbugs, black turfgrass ataenuis, European chafer, green June beetle, Japanese beetle, May/June beetle, northern masked chafer, oriental beetle, southern masked chafer, and larvae of armyworms, cutworms, fall armyworms, and sod webworms. Apply in late spring to mid-summer for season-long control. You can use as preventative or early treatment against young active larvae.
  • Grubs are controlled within days
  • Use on all types of turfgrass
  • Weight: 17lbs.
Price: $34.99

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